Detail: NEG, Untitled, undated, watercolour on paper, 25.7×56.2cm

Collection and Acquisition Committee
Chair: Erica Mooney, Chair and former Curator, Cunningham Dax Collection
Henry Gaughan, former Manager of Development and Public Programs, Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne
Libby Melzer, Paper Conservator, Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation
Gillian Nikakis, Psychiatric Nurse, Trauma Therapist
Charlotte Christie, Collection Manager, the Dax Centre
Dr Felicity Harley-McGowan, School of Culture and
Communication, University of Melbourne

Education Advisory Committee
Chair: Anita Kopiec, Clinical psychologist, Headspace
John Grivas, Author, VCE Psychology textbooks
Dr Jenny Downes Brydon, General Practitioner
Neil Christensen, Special Education Teacher
Emmanuel Scoutas, Assistant Principal, Dandenong HS
Jeannette Rowe, Author and Illustrator
Donna Davies, Teacher, Toorak College

Ethics Committee
Chair: Professor Sidney Bloch, Department of Psychiatry and Centre for Health and Society, University of Melbourne
Karen Jones, School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Inquiry, Philosophy, Univeristy of Melbourne
Penny Webster, School of Management, RMIT University
Marcelle Scott, Academic Programs Coordinator, Centre for Cultural Materials, Conservation, School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne
Colleen Pearce, Public Advocate, Office of the Public Advocate
Penelope Lee, Dax Centre Public Programs, Professional Development and Partnerships Manager

Exhibitions Advisory Committee
Chair: Nurin Veis, Senior Curator of Human Biology and Medicine, Museum Victoria
Joanna Bosse, Assistant Curator, Ian Potter Museum of Art
Suzanne Davies, Director, RMIT Gallery
Amanda Laming, Art Therapist, the Victoria Clinic
Linda Kaiser, Artist, Stables Studios
Loretta Shepherd, former Dax Centre Exhibitions Manager