Current Exhibitions

Adam Knapper, Unravel, 2010, oil on canvas, State Trustees Connected Collection


ImaginariumWorks by Adam Knapper

6 February – 9 May 2014

Adam Knapper challenges the convention of categorisation both as an artist and in relation to the history of his lived experience of mental illness. Imaginarium gives precedence to Knapper’s unique and subjective vision, and aims to question the relevance of knowing the details of an artist’s diagnosis in understanding their work.

Spanning the last twenty-five years, Knapper’s body of work includes painting, illustration and street art and he has drawn inspiration from a broad range of sources including Surrealism, Pop Art, music and film. This exhibition invites viewers to be guided by their imagination, reflecting Knapper’s desire to create a whimsical playground of intersecting ideas and motifs.

Imaginarium is the third in The Dax Centre’s program of solo exhibitions, which brings focus to the work of certain artists whose practice raises issues of particular significance within the field of art and mental health.

Selected Works from the Cunningham Dax Collection
Until February 2015

Selected Works from the Cunningham Dax Collection brings together works that represent the broad range of experiences encompassed by the Collection. There are many dimensions to the creative works in this exhibition and the works can be understood from clinical, aesthetic, cultural, historical, social, moral and spiritual perspectives.

The works have been created in many different contexts, from art therapy sessions to community art groups, from hospitals to private homes and art studios. They tell the unique stories of individuals that have experiences of mental illness or psychological trauma.