Giving Voice Exhibition

“My art has a voice, if you listen quietly, you will hear them speak.”   Emma McEvoy, Artist

Through the artworks of the Cunningham Dax Collection, Giving Voice shares the intimacy of their creators’ experiences. These become the voices, promoting and holding the dialogue for understanding, empowerment and the reduction of stigma surrounding mental ill health.

Every artwork is a voice to be listened to. Each has an intimate story expressing the thoughts and feelings experienced by its creator. Each has a depth of experience that informs and evokes our emotions and feelings.

Giving Voice paints the journey through art that leads to self-awareness, resilience, self-management and recovery.

By sharing their own lived experience though the visual voice of their art, the creators’ contribute a solid foundation for an informed conversation that generates an opening for better understanding and empathy. It is through this conversation that the stigma around mental ill health and trauma can be reduced.

As the audience, we each bring our own experiences and interpretations to the artworks so that each and every one of us can start healing conversations. These conversations have the potential to positively reshape our collective understanding of mental health.

Giving Voice means: Expressing a feeling or an opinion in words; Speaking out about something; Sharing one’s thoughts or feelings.

The Free Dictionary

Top image:

Romy Dwosh

GEN, Eric, 2007

earthenware, glaze and nuts

19 x 15 x 15cm

The Cunningham Dax Collection

Donated 2008