Elizabeth Turnbull. My Ancestors and Me, 2010

Disquiet Minds of Victoria

Commemorating 70 years since Dr Eric Cunningham Dax began collecting artwork made by people with lived experience of mental illness or psychological trauma, this exhibition highlights the evolving nature of mental health care in Victoria.  The exhibition displays a variety of art works from different sub-collections within the wider Cunningham Dax Collection including those made in institutional settings, contemporary artworks made by individuals from the wider community and artworks exploring various special projects undertaken by The Dax Centre.


Giving Voice Exhibition - April 18 - 24

Donna Lawrence. Untitled, undated.

Dax on Trax Goes West.

An exhibition of selected works from the Cunningham Dax Collection, together with education programs, community workshops and art making activities is coming to Wyndam City. This exhibition aims to increase awareness and understanding of mental illness and psychological trauma, as well as provide information about mental health support, recovery and mental well being.

  • The exhibition will run from Wednesday 18 April until Tuesday 24 April. 2018
  • Venue: Encore Events, 80 Derrimutt Rd, Hoppers Crossing.
  • Openning Night: Thursday 19 April 6:00pm.

Programs will include:

  • Youth programs aimed at increasing the understanding and awareness of mental health.
  • VCE Mindfields program – directly related to current VCE curriculum.
  • Teacher Professional Development (Primary) – ELVA Enhancing Emotional Literacy through Visual Arts approach.
  • Teacher Professional Development (Secondary) – Creative Approaches to Teaching about Mental Health.
  • Community workshops and art making experiences.

Contact us on 03 9035 6610