October 9 – December 13, 2019
Main Gallery
Free Entry

Celebrating over sixty years of expression and creativity, FORMATION explores the work of six contemporary artists supported by Arts Access Victoria alongside art from the Cunningham Dax Collection. An act of inspiration felt in both the creator and viewer, artistic practice explores the emergence of one’s inner world. In FORMATION the artists’ thoughts and feelings are brought to form, inspiring a dialogue about the human experience.

Arts Access Victoria is a nationally renowned organisation dedicated to putting equality at the centre of the arts.  They empower artists with lived experience to create work that challenges and extends notions of who is an artist, what is art and for whom is it made.  At The Dax Centre, starting conversations about mental health issues to break down stigma and increase understanding and empathy is core to our mission.

Works available for purchase by the following artists:
Guler Altunbas, Laurence Flegg, Jac Gelbart, Paul Henry, Adam Knapper, John Puli

FORMATION also features works from the Cunningham Dax Collection.

October 10 – November 8, 2019
Multimedia Gallery

Free Entry

The Uti Kulintjaku [UK] initiative is an innovative, Aboriginal-led mental health literacy project that takes its name from a Pitjantjatjara phrase that means ‘to listen, think and understand clearly’. Formed from the Ngangkari traditional healers and artists of the NPY Women’s Council, the UK initiative addresses community issues of mental health from both Aboriginal and Western perspectives. “What makes (the UK project) especially compelling”, writes The Monthly, “is that it provides a framework for a conversation about the underlying psychological forces that drive human behaviour.”

Working with the Big Anxiety and fEEL, the Uti Kulintjaku team have created two new virtual reality works, sharing their healing practices through creative visualisation, including Waumananyi: The Song on the Wind an Anangu-led response to the experiences of constraint, entrapment, and depression through the traditional story (or ‘tjukurpa’) of ‘The Man in the Log’.

This project is supported by Oranges & Sardines Foundation.

Applications due – October 25, 2019

We’re excited to be accepting submissions for our first exhibition of  2020. This exhibition is an opportunity for up to six youth artists to present art work that explore issues surrounding mental health. The exhibition will run from mid February to May 2020 and has been made possible through the generous support of The Vizard Foundation.

Download Submissions Guidelines here