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Canvassing the Emotions: Women, Creativity and Mental Health in Context

Canvassing the Emotions

Canvassing the Emotions features artworks by women who have experienced mental ill health or trauma.  These works were created by women in a variety of contexts including psychiatric institutions as well as works donated by practising artists.

The exhibition provides both an historical and contemporary perspective on the interaction between creativity and wellbeing.   Canvassing the Emotions aims to share the stories of these women, illuminating the complexities of being a woman experiencing mental ill health and producing art in Australian society.


Sally Northfield

Touring History

Kyneton Town Hall 05/03/2009 – 20/03/2009

Level 17 Artspace, Victoria University, Melbourne 06/11/2008 – 15/11/2008

Dudley House, Bendigo 01/10/2008 – 14/10/2008

Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Melbourne 11/02/2008 – 29/02/2008

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