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Creative Contexts

Creative Contexts

Creative Contexts is an exhibition from the Cunningham Dax Collection featuring works created by people who have an experience of mental illness or trauma.

The works in this exhibition are made in a variety of different contexts including institutional settings, private settings, and psychotherapy sessions, in community groups and in response to natural disasters

Creative Contexts explores the impact of the context in which this artwork has been made.  This is a particularly relevant investigation for the Collection given that the works have been collected from a variety of settings over the past 60 years, from institutional settings in the 1950s to contemporary artworks that were donated by practising artists.


Juliette Hanson & Eugen Koh

Exhibition History

The Dax Centre, Melbourne, December 2007 – April 2008


Queens Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne 15/04/2008

Melbourne Exhibition Centre 28/11/2007 – 02/12/2007