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My Tsunami

My Tsunami

My Tsunami presents thirty drawings and paintings depicting the experience, aftermath and impact of the devastating 2004 tsunami experienced by a group of Sri Lankan children.

The art resulted from an aid project implemented by two final-year medical students, Hannah Magree and Claire Stewart, who spent a month assisting in camps for survivors in three small villages in Sri Lanka in mid-2005.  During this time they initiated, with sponsorship from the Cunningham Dax Collection, a program of ‘fun days’ where children were encouraged to draw and paint.  The artwork bears testimony not only to the disaster and the suffering that resulted but also to the strength and hope that has sustained the people.  The ‘innocent’ artwork of children powerfully demonstrates their trauma that has been too painful to put into words.


Loretta Shepherd

Exhibition History

Mary McKillop Place Museum, Sydney, March – June 2007

Australian Catholic University Gallery, Fitzroy, June – July 2006

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