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Speaking Out

Speaking Out

Speaking Out features artists who address head-on the experience of mental illness or psychological trauma through their art making.  The artists speak of their experience of mental illness in their everyday life.

The works tell the very personal stories of experiences of treatment, isolation and stigma.  The exhibition features historical artworks created within psychiatric hospital art-making programs alongside works made by contemporary artists in their own studios.  The artworks feature a range of media including painting, textiles, photography, drawing and collage.  These works bring the complexity of the difficulties associated with the experience of mental illness into the public view and allow the artists to speak.


Loretta Shepherd

Exhibition History

J Ward Museum, Ararat, September – October 2008


Mildura Arts Centre 03/09/2009 – 10/10/2009

Gordon Gallery, Geelong 11/05/2009 – 05/06/2009

Kyoto International Community House, Japan 04/02/2009 – 15/02/2009

J Ward Museum, Old Ararat Gaol 05/09/2008 – 17/10/2008

Melbourne Convention Centre 04/09/2007 – 07/09/2007