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The Body’s Betrayal: Works by Rosa Niran

The Body’s Betrayal: Works by Rosa Niran

Our bodies betray us in many ways, but none so profoundly as in death.

As medical science has advanced, sometimes to vastly prolonging the lives of those diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, attitudes to death and facing one’s mortality have changed.  Rather than asking how do we cope with dying, artist Rosa Niran, as well as many professionals and relatives, is asking,

“How am I going to live?”

Rosa Niran not only poses this question but responds with fierce self-examination.  She has generated a remarkable body of work to purge, ameliorate and understand her experience of diagnosis and treatment and in the process laid bare the psychological impact of cancer.


Charlotte Christie – Penelope Lee

Exhibition History

The Dax Centre, Melbourne, January – May 2013

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