The Dax Centre as the leader in promoting mental health and wellbeing through the educative power of art.


The Dax Centre promotes mental health through innovative programs centred around its heritage-listed and unique Cunningham Dax Collection. The Dax Centre seeks to change community views towards mental illness by increasing empathy and understanding of mental illness, psychological trauma and the mind through the art. A goal is the reduction of stigma towards mental illness and mentally ill people.

The vision, mission and goals of the Dax Centre are guided by the following ethical principles:

  • Respect for the dignity, humanity and unique experience of all people.
  • Respect for the diverse nature of people’s experience of mental illness or psychological trauma.
  • Respect for the creative process in all its diversity.
  • Acknowledge that the creative works of those who have experienced mental illness or psychological trauma are multidimensional and resist a single interpretive approach.
  • Respect for the freedom of viewers to interpret the works in their own way.
  • Care and consideration in all programming, given that certain content may challenge viewers.
  • Responsible as stewards of these Collections to act with integrity towards the creators of the works and to the works themselves.
  • Value and mutual respect for the staff of The Dax Centre in their professional activities.
  • Engage collaboratively and respectfully with other organisations.
  • Recognise that there is an ethical dimension to funding and sponsorship.