The Dax Education Tertiary Program offers tailored tours within a multidimensional framework through which to view the artworks.  These programs are run for undergraduate and postgraduate students in health care, humanities and the arts with clear curriculum links, and are presented by professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds with experience in mental health and art.  The tours can range from 1 – 1.5 hours and include a guided tour of the gallery and a  viewing and discussion of a DVD created by The Dax Centre that focuses on the lived experience of a person with a mental illness as well as their artistry.

The areas of study that The Centre provides programs for include:

Health Care: Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Welfare and Alcohol & Other Drugs.

Arts: Fine Arts, Art Curatorial and Museum Studies, Ethics, Arts, Art Management, Conservation Studies and Art History

Humanities: Cinema Studies, Law, Ethics and Education

Topics for discussion can include:

  • what is mental illness?;
  • social attitudes to mental illness;
  • ethics in presenting artwork created by people with an experience of mental illness;
  • human rights, stigma, discrimination and prejudice;
  • art materials, techniques and principles;
  • art, industry and curatorial issues;
  • the interface between illness and creative expression;
  • art history; and
  • mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you are interested in any of the tours or wish to discuss the idea of tailoring a program to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact schoolbookings@daxcentre.org

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours
Cost: $15 per student (excl. GST)
Bookings: Contact Education Manager at info@daxcentre.org

  • Adult

    An introductory tour of The Dax Centre Gallery that can be tailored to your learning needs. These tours are designed for community groups, organisations and associations of those seeking greater insight into the relationship between art, mental health and wellbeing.

    Topics for discussion can include:

    what is mental illness?;
    social attitudes to mental illness;
    human rights, ethics, stigma, discrimination and prejudice;
    art and curatorial issues;
    the interface between the illness and creative expression; and
    mental and emotional wellbeing.
    Explore these themes in relation to the life stories of artists who have depicted their experiences in visual art.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Cost: $15 per person (excl. GST)

  • Psychology

    Students are encouraged to explore the interactivities listed below on the VCE psychology topics ethics, the bio-psychosocial model and the mental health continuum.

    Unit 3 & 4: VCE Psychology; Unit 4 learning activity for Mindfields-3

    Unit 2: Psychology – Unit 2: Interpersonal and Group Behaviour (Stigma)

    The Dax Pack.

    Additional resources are available for teachers of psychology include worksheets that contain more specific information about the artists and their work.
    Worksheets are available on request with student group bookings.

  • VCE Health and Human Development

    Health and Human Development – Learning Activity

    The Dax Pack

  • VCE Art and Studio Arts

    Unit 1 – 4: VCE Art – Analytical frameworks – Learning Activity-1-2

  • VCE English

    Unit 1-4: VCE English – Visual Text Analysis Worksheet

    Unit 3 & 4: VCE English – Exploring English Contexts Learning Activity

  • Other subjects

    General Student Worksheet